Cables and Wires

Cable Manufacturing Plant in Jaworzno offers more than 300 types of single- and multi-conductor (single- or multi-core) cables and wires in wide variety of colours, including cables with two marking bars combined in two different colours. Cables are manufactured according to the Polish and international, harmonized and industry standards as well as according to the American AWG standard.

Currently about 70% of MANEX production are destined for automotive and railway industries. MANEX manufactures also a wide range of installation cables and wires used in civil engineering and construction, power and machine industries, telecommunication and IT, household and electronic equipment, earthing and grounding cables, special cables used in submersible pumps as well as non-typical cables and wires manufactured according to the specifications and patterns delivered by customers.

All our extruding lines for manufacturing of cables and wires are equipped with modern control systems using PLC controllers and modern converter fed induction motor drives and expanded visualization systems being a communications interface between the operator and the control and drive system.

The new measuring system Centrax made by Sikora Co. has been recently added to the existing equipment controlling the production process, which allows to continuously monitor the centricity and the diameter of manufacturing cables. The systems monitoring the centricity and the diameter consider the important component of the entire control system in our production lines facilitating a direct remote monitoring and reporting of all subseqent production phases.

Automation of production lines and use of the most modern measuring and control equipment as well as continuous inspection carried out in our test laboratory guarantee full repeatability of production and keeping the technical parameters of products manufactured by MANEX according to the requirements of our customers.