Plants and facilities


Cable Manufacturing Plant in Jaworzno offers more than 300 types of single- and multi-conductor (single- or multi-core) cables and wires, in variety of colours, with PVC, PE, PP, TPE insulation and halogen-free conductors.  Five extruding lines ensure daily manufacturing capacity of 1000 km of electric wires of 0,14 mm2 to 120 mm2 in cross-section.

Cable manufacturing is based entirely on ecological polymers meeting the RoHS Directive and REACH Regulation. MANEX has been also carrying out research works aiming at use of porous polymers. Lines for manufacturing of cables and wires are equipped with modern control and drive systems using PLC controllers.

MANEX has been mainly specialized in production of cables for automotive and railway industries, however the range of production includes also a wide variety of power and electric cables and wires, such as earthing and grounding wires, reeling and feeding cables for submersible pumps, installation cables and wires for construction and power industries, telecommunication and IT as well as for household and electronic equipment and non-typical cables and wires manufactured according to the specifications and patterns delivered by customers.

Main MANEX customers are producers of car cables for world-recognized car manufacturers, power companies as well as companies dealing with production of railway rolling stock.



MANEX has extended its activities by the Copper Processing Plant in Skawina in 2004. All machines installed and working in this plant were produced and delivered by the German company Niehoff. All other equipment and accessories however have been designed and constructed by MANEX.

In May 2008 the plant was equipped with a M85 thick-wire drawing machine for wire rods drawing, what allowed to increase the production capability in copper processing by a technological process of copper cables and cords manufacturing from 8 mm diameter copper rods. The four existing single- and multiwire drawing lines have the capability to manufacture ca 450 tons a month of bare Cu products.

The range of manufactured Cu wires and strips includes the diameters from 0,10 mm to 3,50 mm. Eleven modern stranding machines allows to manufacture Cu  and Al stranded wires within 0,14 mm2 to 120 mm2 in cross-section. MANEX offers also drawing and stranding services of wires and strips from Cu and other alloys.



Machine Production Plant in Skawina was opened at the beginning of 2000. The plant offers designing, construction and production of machines, equipment, production lines and control systems for cable, automotive, medical and other industries. All projects can be prepared and performed according to the particular and individual specifications and requirements.

The company renders also maintenance, assembly and commissioning services as ordered by its customers.



In order to guarantee the highest quality of its products, MANEX decided to establish its own test and research laboratory. The first stage was completed by the beginning of 2012 allowing to per form tests and analyses of harmonized single-conductor wires gaining the right to mark its products with ˂HAR-BBJ> mark.

Currently MANEX has been developing the range of its laboratory activities by a possibility to per form all tests for automotive cables according to ISO 6722.

All testing and measuring equipment has valid calibration certificates issued by laboratories accredited by Polish Accreditation Centre (PCA).

The following tests of cables and wires can be performed at present in the MANEX Test and Research Laboratory in Jaworzno: weight measurements, length and angle measurements, mechanical parameters measurements of insulations and conductors, electric characterists measurements of insulations and conductors, tests in high and low temperatures at adjusted humidity, aging tests of insulations as well as other tests and measurements required by law, in particular regarding smoke production and combustibility of cables and wires for railway industry.



Modern measuring and control systems used in production lines guarantee the highest quality of MANEX products. The drawing and twisting lines installed in the Copper Processing Plant in Skawina are provided with high-tech laser control devices for reeling of wires, strips and twisted wires with precise automatic adjustment of their tension.

The high quality of products manufactured in the Cable Manufacturing Plant in Jaworzno is guaranteed by the modern machines and equipment. They are provided with contactless devices to control the diameter, the perforation and the centricity of insulation along with 8-point contactless measurement of its wall thickness and a possibility to generate production reports including current and statistical parameters. Production management and logistics are supported by the system of automatic generation of statistical data of the production process and the system of marking the products with barcodes.

In December 2002 MANEX was granted with ISO 9001 Certificate and in 2008 with ISO/TS 16949 Quality Management System Certificate being the unified standard of quality systems in the global automotive industry. MANEX has also implemented the ISO 14001 Environment Management System.

In 2006 MANEX obtained the official accreditation from one of the world-recognized car producers and was registered in the list of the qualified suppliers of insulated cables for automotive industry. With regard to the railway cables MANEX was granted with the valid certificates of compliance issued by the Railway Institute in Warsaw, Poland. Additionally, in July 2012 MANEX obtained also the IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) Certificate.