General terms of delivery


  1. The order shall be performed according to the prices specified in the offer.
  2. Please inform us immediately if the delivery cannot be performed according to the specification.
  3. The certificate of quality should be attached to each batch of products.
  4. The delivered products should be lead free (relates to granules and dyes).
  5. All correspondence should be sent to the following address:
    MANEX SP. Z O.O.
    Al. Słowackiego 39
    31-159 Kraków, Poland
    Tel: +48-12 631 10 70; +48-12 633 24 70
    Fax: +48-12 633 49 31
  6. The written confirmation of the order acceptance along with the delivery date should be sent within 3 (three) days from the date of the order receipt.
  7. Please place in the invoice the number of our order.
  8. We will accept only the products / items specified in the latest version of drawings or in the purchase specification.
  9. The products not specified in the purchase order shall be returned to the supplier.
  10. The differences of +/-5% in deliveries in relation to the quantities specified in the order shall not be accepted.
  11. The packaging should be adjusted to the products to ensure that they would not be damaged during their transport.
  12. The following information should be placed on the delivery confirmations and on the packaging:
    Product description
    Quantity of delivered products
    Number of the delivery order
    The lack of the above information may cause the return of the products.
  13. Each delivery should meet the legal requirements valid within the EU or meet the requirements of the end customer (sent along with the order) with relation to ROHS, REACH, IMDS, CMRT KONGO, HSE.
  14. Other terms: as specified in the order.

The General Terms of Delivery are available in PDF file: General terms of delivery