The single winder is used to wind cable and wires on reels and wooden drums. The unit is provided with a hydraulic system for lifting the reels and a pneumatic disc brake. The winder is powered by an AC motor with a rotations regulator by use of a variable frequency inverter. The winder is provided with a mechanical, stepless packer.

The double winder is used to continuous, automatic winding of cables and wires on reels. It is provided with hydraulic carts to transport the reels. Two separate drives of the winder with DC motors allow an automatic change of winding order at the full speed. The entire unit is protected by a soundproof shield. The winder is controlled by a PLC controller from the operating panel.

The box coiler is used to wind flexible cables in coils and packing them in cardboard containers. The machine is used to work in the extruding line or in a winder. Change of a cardboard takes place at the full speed of the take-up unit as being provided with a technological support. The extruding line connected with our take-up unit can work without a capstan since the take-up unit alone has enough pulling force.

The coiling unit is used to wind pipes, cables and profiles in coils. The coiling unit is provided with one or two winding spools powered by AC geared motors. The uniform distribution of a product on the winding spool is secured by a packing unit which motion is forced by a helical gear driven by a serwomotor. The pneumatic control system, opening and closing the winding spools, allows easy take-off of a finished product from the machine.