The belt capstan BA type allows pulling or paying off a cable or a profile depending on its location in the production line. The cable or profile is transported by two rubber belts pressed to the cable on its opposite sides. The rubber belts are pressed by use of pneumatic actuators or mechanically with a possibility of adjustment of a downforce. The transmission speed of belts are adjusted by an electric motor according to the value given at the capstan panel or by the operator when the capstan is working in the production line. Each belt has its own drive.

The roller capstan RA type is used for pulling out cables and wires in sheaths made of thermoplastics, rubber blends and other materials. The pulling out operation is carried out by multiple belting of a powered wheel and passive wheels by the pulled cable. The pulling wheel is powered by the AC motor via a worm gear and transmission belt with V-belts. The pulling operation may be right- or left-handed.